Noah J. K. Wilson

On the Design of this Blog


This post is going to be shorter than average and is meant to address my aesthetic choices when creating my blog.

When I was in the early stages of design I went through dozens if not hundreds of potential layouts and themes, but ultimately I came to this one, the most simple of all. I simply fell in love with it’s simplicity.

You see, I began my exploration of WSP by trying to find a connection between Zen Buddhism and Roman Stoicism. Both philosophies are proponents of asceticism and simplify.  Reading and meditating over the work of Zen and Stoic thinkers created a unique attitude that colors my style of learning to this day. It fostered a focus on underlying forms over surface opinion, cutting away anything that was unnecessary to reveal the beauty of essential systems.

So, my blog came to represent this idea. There are no unessential visuals, and there are only a handful to pictures. Black and white dominate the screen because I want you to see only the skeleton of my ideas, so that you may cloth it with you own interpretation.

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